5 Easy Lunchbox Tips for
Picky Eaters

Quick and easy tips to streamline your morning routine and get your kids eating well!

Helping you raise happy, healthy children

Overcome Picky Eating

Are you feeling frustrated with the constant mealtime arguments? Are you tired of feeling like a short-order cook every time your child refuses to eat what you’ve prepared? Do you worry that your child is missing essential nutrition?

Sign-up for our 5-week program and get the tools and support you need to raise happy, nourished children. These convenient, virtual one-on-one sessions with Elizabeth will get your family on track to the calm and happy mealtime you’ve always wanted!

Nourish Your Family

Do you worry about your family eating too much, or too little? Do you ever feel like you are feeding your family the “wrong” types of foods? Are you overwhelmed with the task of meal planning and food prep for a busy family? Do you wish food was more fun?

Get individualized support! I’m here to help you develop practical solutions to your family’s unique nutrition challenges. Convenient, virtual one-on-one sessions that fit into your busy schedule.

Community Wellness

Food is often at the centre of the everyday activities that we enjoy in our community. Learn how you can contribute to a healthier tomorrow by promoting a culture of wellness within your community group, organization, or business.

Elizabeth is available for group education sessions, programming development, menu consultation, speaking engagements, and writing/ communication pieces.

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